Do Free Credit Repair Companies Exist?

Need Help Fixing Your Credit?

Tons of credit repair companies are known to charge a hefty amount on a monthly (or per service) basis to help their customer increase and improve their credit score.

Even though some of their services could be considered expensive, they could be well worth the price if they help you raise your credit score and qualify for a mortgage for your dream home or for a car loan at a better rate.

This raises the question: Do free credit repair companies exist?

Short answer is: no.

There are no truly “free” credit repair companies in Canada, even though some will offer part of their service for free, there will be fees at some point.

The only free way to repair your credit is by doing all the steps yourself or by getting help from a non-profit organization.

But, if you’re not sure on the steps to do so, or simply don’t have the time, we strongly recommend opting for a credit repair company first. Click on one of the buttons on this page to book a FREE call with a credit repair specialist and he’ll go over your credit score/history and will help you understand what the next best steps are to repair your credit.

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How Can Credit Repair Help You?

Repairing your credit will improve your credit score and help you create a better and healthier financial habit by helping you understand the importance of managing debt.

Usually when repairing your credit, the first step a credit repair company does is going over your credit history with you and helping you pinpoint the biggest issues so you can create a plan of action along with the qualified credit repair professional.

These are some of the advantages of credit repair and what it can bring you:

  • A FREE credit history and repair analysis
  • Custom financial plan to repair your credit
  • Answers to all of your questions

Need Help Fixing Your Credit?

What To Look Out For With Credit Repair Companies

If you already started searching for a credit repair company to help you fix your credit, you probably already noticed the vast amount of scammers online.

Scammers love the credit repair industry because you can charge a monthly fee without doing anything to help the customer and it will take him a couple months to figure out that he’s paying for a service that isn’t being provided to him.

Thus, the importance of finding a good credit repair specialist!

These are a couple things to look out for when you’re looking for a credit repair company to help you fix up your credit:

  • Asks you for an upfront fee for the first consultation or before doing any work at all.
  • Insists on disputing information on your credit history that you know is true. Example: disputing an unpaid bill that you haven’t actually paid.
  • Tells you not to contact the credit bureau directly.
  • Pretends that they’ll be able to fix your credit score very quickly. Credit repair takes time and can’t be done instantly.
  • Lies about anything or gives you the wrong information.
  • Doesn’t tell you your legal rights.
  • Tells you that they can get you a new identity with a clean record.

Overall, ask questions before paying any amount of money. Most reputable credit repair companies will offer a free consultation where you’ll be able to clear up any insecurities or questions that you have about the company. If something sounds fishy, trust your gut, it’s probably a scam.

If you don’t want to waste your time calling all the credit repair companies in your area, you can actually just click on one of the buttons on this page and book a FREE call with a qualified credit repair specialist!

Need Help Fixing Your Credit?

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What Is A Credit Repair Company?

A credit repair company is a company or organization that helps their customers increase their credit score in exchange for a fee (that is usually charged on a monthly basis).

The credit repair company will work side to side with credit bureaus and creditors in your name to remove the errors from your credit report/history.

How Do Credit Repair Companies Work?

Creidt repair companies will work in your name to remove all the errors and negative information off of your credit history.

The most common strategy that they employ is questioning any negative information on your credit history so the creditors that added this information remove it from your credit history. Usually when a creditor cannot back up the negative information with actual proof, they’ll have to remove it from your credit history.

Most of these credit repair companies will charge you on a monthly basis for their services. Their services can cost anywhere from a couple tens of dollars a month up to a couple hundred dollars a month, depending on the coverage and help that they bring you (credit monitoring, credit score analysis, etc.).

Are There Legitimate Credit Repair Companies?

Yes, even though there are countless companies that are there to scam you, there are a lot of reputable and great credit repair companies.

To find these reputable companies, we recommend you read reviews about the companies. You can find these on Google Maps, Facebook, Yellow Pages, etc.

If you don’t have the time to filter credit repair companies, we recommend you clicking on one of the buttons on this page to get a FREE call with a vetted credit repair specialist near you.

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